Postural Integration (PI)® supports you in dealing with the challenges in your life in a more creative manner. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, body movement and awareness, as well as emotional expression.

This effective method opens up new perspectives in your life and enables you to increase your sense of well-being, your capacity to feel, your ability to consciously express yourself in all your relationships.

Postural Integration (PI)® as originally developed in the 1960's by Jack Painter, Ph.D., a former Professor at the University of Miami. He developed PI after many years of self-exploration in the fields of humanistic psychology, deep massage, gestalt therapy, acupressure and the Five Elements system, and especially with Reichian therapy in combination with the work and theories of Ida Rolf.
Postural Integration is taught and practised in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. Postural Integration trainers are organized within the International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT).  Click to read an extensive article on Postural Integration by Jack Painter

Practitioners of Postural Integration (PI)® are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They bring into the relationship with their client professional knowledge and experience and the  ability to appropriately share their personal feelings and attitudes.

The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) is devoted to guiding and supporting those who train practitioners to use professional skills and personal power with integrity. Members of the council are themselves Postural Integration trainers and realise that they need to consult and share with each other, not only to establish guidelines for the training of new practitioners, but also to sustain their own commitment, creativity and joy in teaching. Click for full info on ICPIT

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